What Is Swedish Massage For?

The Swedish massage is practiced with the aim of achieving a state of overall well – being , both physically and psychically.

Therefore, in addition to being practiced to promote relaxation and the dissolution of nervousness and tension by benefiting the mind, this form of massage is also used in case of malaise and physical ailments in order to relieve them and, if possible, to eliminate them swedish Massage in Centerville, OH.

More specifically, according to those who practice it, Swedish massage should be useful in case of:

Anxiety and depression ;

Headache ;

Difficulty falling asleep

Gastrointestinal disorders ( constipation , indigestion , etc.);

Osteoarthritis ;

Sciatica , back pain and muscle problems;

Circulation disturbances.

It should be noted that in the presence of real diseases (pathological anxiety and depression, insomnia , etc.), the Swedish massage should not be considered as a cure , but as a support treatment that can possibly be associated with conventional therapies , of course. subject to medical authorization . Despite this, in the presence of health problems, the usefulness of Swedish massage in countering the symptoms that characterize them cannot be guaranteed.

What Benefits Should Swedish Massage Bring?

As mentioned, the Swedish massage is practiced with the intent of generating well-being on both a physical and mental level. Going into more detail, this type of massage should:

Promote relaxation by reducing stress , nervousness and anxiety ;

Tone the muscles and release any tension;

Exercise a decontracting and toning action on the muscles;

Reduce muscle and joint pain ;

Promote and stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic circulation ;

Promote the elimination of toxins accumulated in the body;

Promote the elimination of excess fluids.

Swedish massage is also credited with the ability to prevent and reduce cellulite . However, it should be noted that, at the moment, there is no treatment capable of eliminating this problem permanently.

Some also claim that Swedish massage can improve the appearance of the skin , making it brighter and softer.