What are the responsibilities of neurologist Singapore?

A neurologist is a type of doctor who treats nervous system illnesses. The nervous system comprises two sections: the central, peripheral nervous system. The brain, as well as the spinal cord, are included. Nervous system ailments, diseases, and accidents frequently necessitate the care and treatment of a  neurologist singapore. A medical assessment and a neurological evaluation are likely to be performed during their initial consultation with a neurologist. Their neurologist may require more tests to diagnose because different illnesses might have similar symptoms.

A neurologist seems to be a doctor who specializes in neurological system diseases. The brain, nerves, or spinal cord make up your nervous system. Pain, memory loss, speech difficulties, and other symptoms might result from conditions that affect these regions. These diseases frequently necessitate tests and treatments that their primary care physician cannot provide in their office or clinic.


The following symptoms may prompt their doctor to send them to a neurologist:

  • unexplained pain
  • memory loss
  • headaches
  • tremors and shaking
  • difficulty with having balance
  • numbness

Several more signs and symptoms may prompt your doctor to recommend them to a neurologist. These are symptoms that are often unexplained and might be caused by various illnesses.

Unexplained pain, for example, might be the consequence of a variety of illnesses that cause their nerves to be hyperactive. In contrast, dizziness could be the result of brain damage or inflammation. People with memory loss may need to see a neurologist. If you’ve been experiencing greater forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, or brain fog, then you need to refer to neurologist singapore.