Tips for the Photobooth Posing!

We know potential fun to have in the photobooth, no matter whether traditional or new, the open-air style. The group of people coming together, in a camera, with random props…how can you NOT think of fun? However, do your search on the photobooth pictures over years & what you begin to know is that many of them look same. And that is understandable as, for most part, whenever you get in the photobooth, everyone expects to make some faces, wear some random clothing, or pose!

Now we do not doubt people have a lot of fun doing this, or resulting pictures are so much fun to look. However, what if you can have the experience that wasn’t just fun as well as produced good pictures, however, were creative and unique?! So that people who do not personally recognize them in picture react with, “wow, that is an amazing idea!” or timing there’s perfect!”?

photo booth

Pay Attention

When you are running the wedding photobooth in Singapore for any event, say wedding, with many guests and limited number of the props, it is before your guests go out of fun things of doing with props that are available. You will get the fair share of pictures with those as well as typical poses (that’s fine!) however to take this to other level, and keep your eyes for details in the surroundings. It includes on the people (accessories, clothing, and more) and at the venue or location (table settings, centerpieces, utensils, and more)