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How are Culwell& Son? What do they sell?

Since 1920, Culwell& Son have provided the outstanding dress and casual clothes to generations of men, supported by our made-to-measure brand of personal service. Stay sharp, gentlemen, whether you’re looking for the right work suit, personalised shirt, set of shoes, or fancy tuxedo. The casual man wants clothes that will make him look and feel good. The perfect style may make all the difference in the boardroom or on the dance floor. Obtain a sophisticated appearance by having garments tailored to your specific situation, tastes, and figure.

Types of clothes

This includes not just physically changing suits and sport coats to fit better, but also selecting outfits that strike the proper tone and boost your confidence. In certain cases, this may include selecting pants and sport jackets that will work for you in a variety of scenarios. You may also go to them if you need new suits for your new job or a tuxedo for your most important day.Whatever the scenario, their devoted team will take the time to understand your requirements and guarantee that they are fully addressed. Finding the appropriate suits, sport coats, and slacks will provide a solid basis for your wardrobe, but don’t stop there. The best-dressed men among us distinguish themselves from the crowd by accessorising their clothes with the best shoes and accessories. You may also use the grooming facility to make sure every hair on your head is in its appropriate position.


They are not like certain big-box stores that try to offer the same product to every consumer. They have been dressing men since 1920, and over a century of expertise has taught us how to customise our approach for each individual who walks through our doors. Culwell& Son, skilled menswear professionals have you covered for anything from casual wear to tuxedos and every sort of dress attire in between.They can assist you with basic things such as choosing a new tie or locating the perfect pair of shoes to complement your favourite suit. They can also help you with a more active approach to rebuilding your complete wardrobe.