Hourly Relocation Services in Switzerland Surrounding Area

Favorite choice for short distance moving

If you are looking for short distance relocation, then it is the best choice to have hourly moving service from Winder. This enables you to manage time and budget at the same time. With the cost of 549 CHF, you will serve by one truck together with two furniture packer. Affordable cost and great offer make this becomes the favorite option for moving companybern surrounding area.

This hourly service inclusive of the dismantling and construction process which required some special tools to ensure it is rebuilt in the proper way. Team member personnel have been trained properly to do this process and keep your furniture in an optimum condition. The furniture will be dismantled before the loading and will be constructed again after arrivingat the moving destination.

If you need bringing other stuff, you can wrap it in the boxes pack which cost only 3 CHF per box together within this service. For a umzug Bern process from a small apartment, it might require to pack 10 boxes which cost about 30 CHF only. Thus, in total,the total cost is only 579 CHF. However, if it spends more hours, then it will cost you extra 150 CHF per hour.

On top of that, if you think the distance is too far away to be reached and need more moving hours, maybe it is worthier to choose another package. The cost is 699 CHF for three hours of relocation serviceswith one transportation truck and three furniture packers. So you maintain enough time and not need to rush.

This second option is also included the moving of 20 boxes. Therefore, you don’t have to pay moving costs per box as previously mentioned in the first service. It is enough to bring a lot of stuff from your house. And the other cool thing that you will get from this second option is inclusive of 3 furniture packers. It perfects to help youmove the favorite collection likea dinner table set or sofa.

With more furniture and box to move, the cost for other moving hours is slightly higher than aforementioned option. It cost 200 CHF per hour for extra time. It might be excellent to predict the distance before you go, that might prevent you from this excessprice.

The coverage area of Winder service perfect to serve any location close to Switzerland like Zurich, Bern, Zug, Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Montreux, Lucerne, Thun, and many more. The team demonstrates an expertise of the route taken to transport all of your stuff in a prudent manner. And the furniture packers are professional with 6 up to 12 years of experiences.