Get Rid Of E-Waste And Risks Of Security By Contacting Sams And Build A Better Future

Getting rid of waste is not that difficult, but it becomes tricky when it comes to IT assets and E-Waste. It is very important to handle the assets with the utmost care and alertness, unlike dumping wastes. The reason being the harmful gases and materials that are a part of those electronic assets. If people do not pay attention, they can end up endangering themselves and other people because of the hazardous and even poisonous gases and elements. However, with sams, one can sit back and relax while building a sustainable future.

Why go for sams?

The Sustainable Asset Management Solution Pte Ltd or SAMS is a privately-owned company that works in electronics management and brings sustainable waste management solutions. This tends to create a difference in the world as well as for the clients. The team of professionals has been working for 75 long years and has an experience worth relying on. The following features make it worth the trust:


  • It handles all the ICT assets in a compliant, secure, and green manner.
  • Believe in building a sustainable future by applying the concept of 3Rs: reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • The process taken up by sams is in a closed-loop. This makes sure that the security risks are minimized, and intellectual policy rights are also protected.
  • The recovery of resources is maximized, and the life cycle of ICT assets is regenerated. This is done to achieve zero-landfill goals.

From IT asset disposition, electronic recycling, sustainable value recovery, intellectual property protection, reverse supply chain, consultancy solutions to everything else required for sustainable development, one can rely on them.