Free Stuff for Playing Online games

Playing online games which generate money and bitcoins has always been a dream of many. But what if you are playing a game online and get free bonus stuff? Many casino games offer bonus bitcoin to lure players to play more on their platform.

These are simply the marketing techniques of the casino houses which allow them to have a steady supply of players. Many of them provide different types of bonuses with successive plays which latch the players to the game and promote wagering, ultimately generating profit to the casino house.


There are several types of bonuses a casino house offers, of which, some are listed below.

  1. Sign-up Bonus:-

It is given at the time you set up and deposit the initial amount for the game. A player needs to deposit the money first and must play wager in order to claim this bonus.

  1. Referrals:-

As the name suggests, if you refer a player to the game, you are entitled to have a bonus. Some casinos even offer referee bonus in which if you are referred by someone, you can get some bonus amount.

  1. Cashbacks:-

These types of bonuses are offered to cover a part of losses made by a customer.

  1. No-deposit bonus:

These are the most popular type of bonuses where to get a bonus you don’t need to make any kind of deposit.

  1. Sticky Bonus:-

Also known as a phantom bonus which is the least favorite among the players, as it holds a part of your deposit which is not allowed to withdraw.

                So these are the types of bonus bitcoins offered by the houses which lure the players to take part.