Free Diving: a view and its facts

In olden days, free diving without the help of any mechanical devices was the only way to to search under water. The divers face some problems like blacking out, decompression sickness etc while they hold their breathe. It was practiced in olden times to collect food, harvest resources such as timber, pearls, red corals, sponge and valuable stones and also for recovering sunken treasures and to help military campaigns.

As a result of ship wrecks particularly due to winter storms and cyclones, many ships like Titanic were submerged under waters of great oceans along with many is the services of professional divers with equipment from Aqua villains are used to dive under waters to recover such treasures.

Divers in History:

Divers are also used in warfare. Défense against Military ships, sub marines or repairs under water for the above is possible only with trained divers. Defences such as   creating underwater barricades require the services of trained divers and also to scout out the seabed when ships were approaching an enemy harbour.

In history, in 332 BC, during the siege of Tyre, the city used divers to cut the anchor cables of Alexander’s attacking ships. Alexander responded to this problem by first blockading the Tyre for seven months and then he constructed a causeway with the help of divers which allowed him to breach the fortification. Thus, services of divers were crucial during the time of war when seas are supposed to be a hindrance to victory.

The necessity of divers in other fields:

To find new variety of marine life and to find under water oil resources and valuable mineral resources, the services of divers are used. There are companies which offer services of experienced divers in the fields of   underwater inspection, underwater construction and maintenance of in-water structures like bridges or tunnels or oil lines or pump houses. investigation of the cause and immediate repair projects are possible, using the services of experienced divers.

 Not only this, inspection, construction and maintenance of dams, underwater tunnels, underwater canals, construction of underwater oil pipelines, mapping the faces of dams for any irregularities and attending the repairs are done by these people. Aquavillains supply the required equipment for divers and also various gadgets like drilling, grinding machines, cameras, communication cables and face masks with pressure regulators, vulcanised dive suits and depth gauges.