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Wood species for the manufacture of veneers

The type of wood used affects not only the quality of the material, but also its natural color. Veneer is made from almost all types of wood, such as poplar, olive, apple, beech. The most common of these are:

Walnut veneer : It is a high quality material used to manufacture hdb door, grand pianos, furniture, and is used very often in various carpentry shops. The color range is diverse. It can range from light terracotta to darker shades, for example brown.

Wenge veneer : If young layers are used for their manufacture wood, then the color turns out to be soft white, and the core sheets are brown with different shades. The main scope of its application: the lining of doors, furniture. Fabrics made of such wood have high wear resistance, which is why they are often used to make floor coverings.

Oak veneer – the most durable, reliable and durable. It has a fairly high cost, but when used it completely justifies it. The color palette is different, shades from light beige to dark brown. It is widely used in woodworking of different levels.

Cherry veneer:  has a noble and majestic appearance, making it the most relevant for finishing luxury furniture. In his palette the color red prevails, from fiery orange to dark brick.

These fits for every style which is a tremendous advantage when decorating, since you no longer have to worry about whether the decorative environment is vintage or rustic.  The door will add color, a special design and will fit perfectly with your interior decoration.

Designs go and designs come, colors on the walls, furniture styles that are being forgotten, but the wood is always there, current, imposing, fulfilling its function and adding personality.  If you want to make changes you just have to lacquer, sand and it will be pristine, with new life.