Artificial Grass Installation

Be aware of how to decorate your property with the synthetic grass 

Home decoration products and accessories made of synthetic materials these days get the highest possible recognition throughout the world. Many residents are keen to invest in and use the synthetic products designed for enhancing the pleasant appearance of the property indoor and outdoor.

If they have understood the overall requirements for replacing the natural green lawn with an inexpensive artificial grass, then they have to focus on where to buy artificial grass at first. They have to contact and consult with experts in the synthetic grass at any time they wish to invest in and use this artificial grass. They can save both time and money when they install this artificial grass which does not require regular maintenance dissimilar to the natural turf.

How to add the new base at first 

You may think about how to start a step for installing the artificial grass in your lawn. You have to remove the existing lawn and keep away from the mud, mowing, brown spots and water bills and you have to properly use resources to remove 4 inches of the base or lawn.  Prefer the dump trailer on site and get the best result. Once you have disposed existing base, you have to add the new base as follows.

Artificial Grass Installation

  • Spread 4-inches of class 2-road base or similar base
  • Create an appropriate level platform with proper drainage
  • Install the gopher wire when applicable
  • Wet the area
  • Go over this area with a compactor
  • Achieve a smooth surface

Get the best result 

You may have bought the best-in-class nature of the artificial grass through online. You have to roll out such grass without dragging the turf across the freshly prepped base. Let the artificial grass sit in the sun for an hour and let it to expand before installing it. Do not forget to be conscious about the stitch patterns and the blade directions whenever you work with the multiple rolls. You may get the poor turf look when you have preferred crossing blade directions.  This is advisable to be careful every time you nudge and move the synthetic grass into the appropriate position.