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A brief guide about the Seino Indomobil Logistics

In 1930, Seino Transportation was established. With 38 vehicles and 78 trailers after WWII,

At the time, Seino Indomobil Logistics offered the following to the world:


These are now commonplace, but they were not so 70 years ago. In Japan, the company was the first one to invent them. They were sailing under challenging conditions. All of the employees worked together to achieve growth, and in 1971, the company was publicly listed.

We were also pioneers in technical advancement, introducing computers to the Japanese truck sector early on. In 1983, all branch offices were connected to the internet, and the system managed all cargo electronically.

transportation organization

Services –

Transport by Charter

Our primary service is to have a variety of trucks and trained motorists to deliver their shipment to Java on time and in good condition. We can also fulfill the demand with trucks, including wing boxes and small and large steel boxes.

Seino Indomobil Logistics is a company with a lot in the industry. They are trained to handle car transport demand, possess skills, and ensure security through long-distance or near-distance vehicle delivery and car distribution using special lorries with 5 to 6 cars.

Trailer Transportation

The trailer lorry is one of several types of mass transit fleet that has very powerful haulage compared to other kinds of trucks.

Door-to-Door Assistance

A fleet of lorries with two dimensions and six wheels, four back wheels, and two different front wheels is used for this sort of service.