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Top safer remittance services in Singapore

In this digital era, money transfer using various apps and websites is a widely used method as they offer money transfer services via banks or remittance platforms. You use these platforms to send money overseas or pay your regular bills. In Singapore, also there are many remittance platforms that you can use for money transfers. The platforms which are licenced and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore offer secure money transactions services. So, if you are looking for safer remittance services singapore, then you are at the right place.

We have listed some of the remittance services below.

List of best remittance services in Singapore


They allow money transfer to 80 countries to bank accounts. There is no minimum limit on transaction amount, but the maximum amount depends on the currency you are doing the transaction or the recipient country.


They charge small fees of up to 0.35% of transactions which may vary according to the recipient country.

Western Union

They offer money transactions worldwide to bank a/c, mobile wallets, or cash. They have a transaction limit of S$1000 daily, S$3000 weekly, or S$6000 monthly.

Fees: Vary depending on the recipient bank locations.


They offer various rewards on the transaction, and transfer allows in bank accounts only. There is no limit on the minimum amount of transactions but the limit of the maximum amount depends on the recipient currency.

Charges: It can be varied depending on the monetary policy of location you are sending money to, but they charge around 0.25% to 1%.

So, these are some remittance platforms in Singapore regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which means safe and secure transactions.

Things to look in commercial cleaning services providers

If your business is expanding and you frequently have client meetings in your office, your place must look its best to make a good impression on your visitors and for the hygiene of your employees. It means you need a commercial cleaning service provider, but as it is related to the cleanliness and health of your employees, it’s essential to choose the best service provider. Now, how to choose the best and the right commercial cleaning services near you, if you are thinking the same, then not to worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we have listed some points that you should look into while selecting a cleaning service provider for your office.

Things you should look into a commercial cleaning company before hiring for your office

Check if they have Insurance

You should ask if they have any insurance or not as we are talking about offices here, where you have valuable and costly items like computers, printers, and all, and accidents can happen, so it is better to be insured.

Free estimate

Most of the cleaning companies provide a free estimate of your premises. So, if the company is right, they will ask you for a date and time to estimate the cost of cleaning services.

Cleaning proposals

When the company assesses your place it should provide a cleaning proposal which will suit you. And if you do not like them, they should be flexible enough to do changes.


 You are trusting them with your offices it’s essential to dig into their reputation in the market and the performance of their services. You could do that by checking customer testimonials or authorised by the cleaning authority.

Experience employees and legal documents

As we are talking about an office here, where you have confidential and important documents it’s essential to see if the company is authorized and the employees are experienced.


Walkout as a whole new person and different with facial in Denver

Denver has introduced many new technologies with many skin benefits and curing skin problems in terms of facial. facial in Denver is a pretty big thing and is taken seriously. They ensure that the customers have a great experience with the whole facial process and that there is no inconvenience involved.

Importance of getting facial and skin services

facial in Denver emphasizes how very different types of facial or even the simplest of facial massage could be important for making you look your best. The facial services are always going to help you in the future. It will help with aging, hydration and within a facial, you are getting a deeper clean. So, all those courses can get cleaned out, and it can be very relaxing while also deep cleaning the skin.

It will also help you with the circulation of the blood and boost collagen. When you come into the room, you will consult your esthetician. You need to roll, and kind of get under the covers, and you are usually going to get a cleanse or most likely an enzymatic mask with steam which is going to help break up that dead skin so we could get better extractions, better cleaning, a facial massage that is going to help with stimulating the circulation and collagen production and a lot of different finishing products with sunscreen at the end.

The hydraJet facial in Denver

As mentioned above, Denver is always ready to experiment with the best technologies to bring out the best benefits for you. In the same way, the hydraJet facial is the newest, latest, and greatest technology that offers to pamper your skin and tackle any of the skin concerns that are bothering you. Only one of two people in Colorado has this device, and its applications are almost unlimited.

So, what the technology does is that it uses oxygen and water to exfoliate, cleanse and hydrate your skin. Because this device is set up, you can infuse any custom formulation into your skin. So, that gives the master esthetician unlimited options for what kind of things she can treat for you and what skin concerns they can tackle. When you have your treatment done, you will walk out of the office with the skin visibly looking plumper, healthier and smoother because of the hydration that the machine provides.