Do You Play Township? Check out this New Tricks!

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Asphalt Xtreme: Another Cool OffRoad Game for the iPhone

Gameloft has always been the creator of impressive and very good games for the iphone and android. One of those that has made some big impact is the new Asphalt Xtreme which is available on the App Store for iOS devices, but also on Google Play for Android terminals and even, it should be noted, on the store for Windows Mobile 10. This new game Gameloft is the last of the series of the Asphalt and it is a racing game where the priority is more speed and flights in the air than the realism. Let’s take a quick look at the video below with the HX being modded for some serious off roading.

After the classic race cars in Asphalt 8, room for off-road! In this new component, you ride with all-terrain vehicles sur-vitamines and often over-sized. In all, there are 35 “mechanical monsters”, including a truck, because after all, why not. Apart from this cosmetic change, the game resembles its predecessor.

We find the same simplified controls: turn the device to change the direction, press left to slow down and to the right to activate the nitro. You can always blow your competitors on the way in, you slip a maximum and to win more nitro barrels. The graphics have evolved, but we also stay on a known field, with some circuits that also remind those strong in Asphalt 8.

Like all the big games now, Asphalt Xtreme is a freemium that encourages you to pay to all the corners of the screen. In this case, you will need to collect all vehicles, improve and even repair them between each race. The big question is whether purchases will be necessary to “complete” the game where if a lot of time and sweat will suffice. Good news, you can try by yourself even for free! The very cool thing about this game is that they try to continue and update the content with new cars and they are not just some imaginary cars but from real life brands that we see everyday or those that we wish we could have.

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Asphalt Xtreme is available for free and in french. The game works from iOS 8 and it weighs 1.16 GB download.

Useful Sims Freeplay Tricks to Earn Simoleons, Level Fast and LPs

Hi all! Here is a guide to help you advance in the game: what strategies to adopt to earn simoleons, go up in level, win LP…?

To start, the game of the Sims free Freeplay is, as its name suggests, free. So, to reassure you, it is quite possible to succeed, to earn simoleons and quests to level up without having to spend the money (from the true…). To do this, be especially PATIENT and organized!

All the SG Team tried to bring together in this guide advice to optimize your game and help you if you are a little lost. Indeed, this game is rich and complicated, and when it starts, it is not always where to start…

This guide is valid if you don’t have the function of automatic aging of the sims which unlocks during the quest dreams long term and legacies…
However, after this quest, with sims that age automatically, you won’t necessarily the same goals…
But the broad outlines of this guide remain valid.

A few basics:

Levels and XP:
The aim of the game is to advance in levels since you will have access to more and more objects to decorate your homes.
The maximum for now is level 55. The XP earned by doing actions to your sims will allow you to level up. But the more you level up, you will need XP to reach the next level: “the higher, the less you go up fast”!

Simoleons (§):
It is the currency of Simville. You win by gardening, cooking, work your sims, either by making them do recreation. They will allow you to buy items or some houses.
The maximum amount of simoleons you can have in the Bank is $ 100 million.

The mode of life (VMS) points:
They are more difficult to win than simoleons. Still there is another way to get the sims freeplay cheats unlimited money to you account by using an online generator. They allow you to accelerate the time of actions to do, or even to a goal (for 5 VMS). They can also afford to buy resources for the statues of the mysterious island and the Simville Panel. Some objects, animals or houses cannot be paid in VMs.

Social points (SP):
You get them by doing missions to a sim in the city from a neighbor, via the party boat (social tasks). They allow you to buy some decorative items, some houses or habitable boats on the mysterious island.
You can also earn by planting the flower to social points, available on a square of plantation: it costs 5 VMS to each try, and saves you from 5 to 400 PS.

The Sims:
More you level up, you will be able to create a large number of sims. And more you have Sims to work, more that earn you simoleons, XP and LP…
You can create a sim all game levels 1 to 2.
You can create sims “in advance” on your level, but then you pay them in VMs. And more you climb in levels, more it will cost you to VMS…
There are 6 categories of sims (baby, toddler, pre-teen, teenager, adult, and senior).
The maximum number of sims in your city is 34, all categories and the maximum number of sims living in a House is 4 (outside the flaws of course…).

The value of city:
The more you build or buy items to beautify your city, more its value will increase. Instead, when you sell items, your city value decreases.
At each level of value that you’ll spend, you’ll earn LP. The maximum value of a city is 2 147 483 647.
As your city value increases, the more your daily reward (you get it back by clicking the small envelope that appears every 24 hours in any one of your houses). She is however capped at about 10 to 20,000 simoleons/day on the latest versions.